They vowed to support others and agreed to be members of ESHIMA to promote the idea of supporting similar young people during their careers. Meles Tigabu was sharing his scholarship money with his sibling brother attend ICT in Bahir-dar University as their parents could not afford to help them at the, same time in colleges. All the three beneficiaries were from peasant parents with many children.

Meles Tigabu was born in South Gondar, Yibora Yesus Kebele and attended his primary classes and secondary education at Alem Ber in Woreta Town, he used to walk for two hours every day to complete his preparatory classes of 11 & 12 th grades. He was an outstanding student who scored 424 points, the highest in his school and was awarded Birr400.00 by the Worda Administration

When he was assigned to Jig-Jiga University, he cried because of lack of support while his brother was assigned to a nearer University at Bahir-dar. However, with the support of close relatives he managed to go to Jig-Jiga which over 1400km away from home. He has encountered many challenges in his first year, first semester. Thanks to ESHIMA that delivered its unswerving support and given them relief and confidence, especially meeting photocopying over 90 pages of different course materials otherwise he could have waiting for his turn to get them to read.

He said that, for the first time to count more than Birr1000.00 his own and plan to use as needed the given him confidence and freedom. He bought personal hygiene materials such shampoo, soaps, and under-wears.

He has worked in Humara area during summer vacation as daily labourer to get money for his basic needs but was not able to fulfil because of other basic needs like shelter and food. But the scholarship money was used for mostly educational purposes and enabled him to share with his brother