EHSIMA supported three students that have studied BSC, Health Officer course from2006- 2008 EC and successfully graduated with GPA of above 3.00. They are Meles Tigabu Muche and Eshete Mariye Haile from South Gondar Debre Tabor area; Alexander Maasho Gebre Silassie from Adi-Daaro, in Tigray region. All of them have passed the National Examination with high grades and have limited financial capacities to attend their university education in Eastern tip of the country.

Hence the EHSIMA and in collaboration with the University, FMoE have selected to on competitive bases and awarded them the scholarship

In an interview conducted in EHSIMA office with the Management team, they expressed their satisfaction and thankfulness for the scholarship that enabled them to pursue their education with high moral and enthusiasms and completed with a great success of GPAs 3,44, 3.09 and 3.73; respectively as Health Officers.

EHSIMA 2008 Graduates:- B.Sc in Health Officers, Melese Tigabu Muchee and Alexander Maasho from Jig-Jiga University,