Birhan Diress Demiss from Libo kemkem Woreda in Gondar and Metadel Yibeltal Ayalew (female) from East Gojam were the EHSIMA scholarship awardees who have studied Nursing and Public Health in Wollo University with in their Amhara region but from different zones in the region.

Birhan Diress has graduated with 3.59 GPA as Health Officer and expressed his experience like others from economically poor families. He is very lucky that he was awarded the EHSIMA scholarship support that enabled him to pursue his classes with greater confidence. He said that it is unforgettable memory for me that ESHIMA has been indebted to me. I was able to see my parents during vacation by saving from my support money and share with my brother in Debre Markos University. That gave my parents a relief and happiness to my family and friends