Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association (EHSIMA)
Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association
Education For better Life
A Few Words
About the Association
Welcome to the online home of the Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association (EHSIMA), an association dedicated to educating future generations and sharing the story of the late Emperor, who dedicated his entire life to start and expand modern education and Fine Arts throughout Ethiopia. As the 20th century’s longest serving emperor, Haile Selassie I was a model for courage, unity and leadership.

EHSIMA was established by a few volunteers on July 23, 1995, as a nonprofit organisation. It was primarily established to continue with the late Emperor’s legacy as the father of modern Ethiopian Education. The association awards scholarship to students from all over regions of the country, regardless of Ethnicity, religion, gender,etc.. but on the basis of high educational performances and socio-economic challenges, but unable to pursue their education in public universities.
Your Contribution Will Make a Difference
Since it was established on July 23, 1995, the EHSIMA has awarded over 300 students in the scholarships program nationwide. Your contribution to EHSIMA will directly enhance the lives of students pursuing university educational goals as well as ongoing professional development in order to support their career advancement thereby meeting the countries skilled manpower need. it also Change a student’s life today and makes your contribution to the EHSIMA visibility and recognition as a development partner too. Your donation will help students become role models, mentors, and leaders of the future.

The Emperor Haile Selassie I Memorial Association depends on donations to fulfil our mission to commemorate, educate and serve. Donations may be made by anyone, including members, non-members, businesses, organisations and foundations. When you donate to EHSIMA, you can take pride in knowing exactly who is benefiting from your generosity. Make your contribution today by calling us via our address.

Scholarship Opportunities

The scholarships are awarded each year in the amounts of 3600 to 5000 Birr. The scholarships are given for high achievers in their pre-university education. The scholarship winners are chosen based on scholastic merit, extracurricular activities, and financial need. The Key to EHSIMA is the energy and commitment of its members and donors who sponsor applicants, make contributions, and raise money to champion the important mission of the Association.
In 2015/16, 37 scholarship holders have graduated in different fields from various universities in Ethiopia.
Economics – 3
Management – 2
Nursing and Midwifery – 8
LAW – 1
Medical Science (Doctor) – 8
Technology Science – 1
Natural Resources Management - 1

የተማሪዎች መምረጫ መመሪያ

በግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ አፄ ኃይሌ ሥላሴ ስኮላሽፕ የሚወዳደሩ አመልካች ተማሪዎች ከዚህ በታች በተዘረዘሩት መመሪያዎች መሰረት በውድድርና በኮሚቴ ታይቶ በነጥብ ብልጫ ያገኙት ብቻ ይቀርባሉ፡፡
  1. ከማህበሩ ደብዳቤ የደረሰው አካል( ዩኒቬርስቲ ወይም የክልል ት/ቢሮ ) አግባብ ካለው አካል/ዲፓርተሜንት ተወካዮች ጨምሮ ኮሚቴ ያቌቁማል፤፤ ት/ቢሮ ከሆነ ከዩኒቬርስቲ/ ከአቅም ግንባታ፤ ከማህበRaዊ፤ ወጣቶችና ሴቶች ጉዳይ ተወካዮችን ይዞ ከአምስት ሰው የማያነስ አባለት ያለበት ይሆናል፡፡ ዩኒቨርስቲ ከሆነ ከት/ቢሮና ከላይ ከተጠቀሱት መ/ቤቶችና ፋካልቲዎች ጨምሮ ኮሚቴ ያቌቁማል፡፡
  2. በተላከው ማወዳደሪያና መምረጫ ቅጾች ከተሞሉ በኋላ ገምግሞ ስድስት ተማሪዎችን በፌደራል ትምህርት ሚኒስቴር የውጭ ግንኙነትና ስኮላሸፕ ጽ/ቤት በኩል ለማህበሩ እንዲደርሰው ያደርጋል፡፡
  3. ለምርጫው፤-
ሀ. የትምህርት ችሎታና ውጤት ለሴቶችና ለአካል ጉዳተኞች ከ300ና በላይ፤ ለወንዶች ከ350 ነጥብና በላይ ለሆነ - 50 ከመቶ
ለ. ለቤተስብ ገቢ/ ኢኮኖሚ አቅመ ደካማነት በወር ከብር200.00ና. በታች ከፍተኛው ነጥብ 3 እየተቀነስ - 25 ከመቶ
ሐ. ለመልካም ስነምግባር፣ በትምህርት ማስረጃው ላይ ኤ(A)-10 ቢ(B) – 5፤ ሲ( C-)- 15፤10፤7.5. 5 ከመቶ (እየቀነሰ) ይሰጣል
መ. በተማሪነት ወቅት ለአደረገው/ላደረገችው ተጨማሪ ተሳትፎ፤(በት/ቤት ክበባት-ስፖረት፣ ጤና/ኤችአይቪ፤ አካባቢ ጥበቃ፤ መሰረተ ትምህርተ ወዘተ ተሰትፎ- 5 ከመቶ
ሠ. አደገኛ ባህሪይ/ሱሰኛነት ነጻ መሆን - (አለመቃም፤ማጨስ፣ መጠጥ፤ መደባደብ/የቡድን ፀብ፤ወዘተ) 5 ከመቶ ይሰጣል፤፤
በነዚህ መስፈርቶች መሠረት የኮሚቴ አባላት ድምር ውጤት አማካይ ነጥብ ብልጫ ያገኘው/ች ተማሪ ይመረጣል/ትመረጣለች፡፡
ሆኖም እኩል ነጠብ ካመጡ ለሴቶች፤ ለአካል ጉዳተኞችና ከታዳጊ ክልሎች (አፋር፤ሶማሌ፤ቤንሻንጉል-ጉሙዝ፤ጋምቤላ) ለመጡት ቅድሚያ ይሰጣል፤፤